Weather Channel twists hurricane, coronavirus coverage into ‘COVIDCANE’ branding

The Weather Channel is taking the rather sensationalized approach of co-branding its hurricane and COVID-19 coverage as “COVIDCANE.”

The effort, which will include special features under the name as “COVIDCANE 2020: Bracing for Disaster” (just in case “COVIDCANE” wasn’t quite dramatic enough), is aimed at providing viewers with valuable weather and health safety as the majority of the U.S. hurricane season still remains even as the coronavirus continues to spread.

The network did not provide exact details on when these features would air.

Not only does “COVIDCANE” sort of sounds like a certain brand name of a numbing agent used by dentists, it could also be mistaken for something Buddy the Elf would probably fear.

In all seriousness, however, the combo of COVID-19 and coronavirus poses huge challenges for those affected — ranging from having to find shelter while still trying to comply with CDC social distancing guidelines while also sending first responders into unstable situations where PPE may be limited.

Evacuations could become more challenging as travel between cities and states is becoming increasingly limited.

There also is the risk that hospital and other crucial health and emergency care facilities could become damaged or difficult to access during storms.

In addition, during major storms in the past, crucial research into a variety of diseases and viruses was partially or completely wiped out due to ancillary storm damage.