‘Zenith’ from Icon Trailer Music first in new artist-driven series

The first in Icon Trailer Music’s Artist Series, “Zenith” combines grand orchestral arrangements with powerful percussion and modern synths.

The album, composed by Icon co-founder Frederik Wiedmann, is ideal for sports programming, film trailers and reality TV, with 13 themes and 222 mixouts.

In our review of the album this spring, Patrick McGuire Wiedmann’s ability to “apply craft and creative intuition to an impressive array of emotional contexts.”

“I’ve long dreamed of producing a personal, solo album written in my own voice and expressing my artistic sensibilities,” said Wiedmann. “Some of my favorite tracks are based on the Lydian mode, a musical scale that immediately establishes a feeling of beauty and spaciousness.”

Icon’s Artists Series is envisioned as a collection of albums, each representing the personal artistic statement of a single composer.

For “Zenith,” many of the tracks were recorded live with FAME’s Macedonian Symphonic Orchestra.

“The music of Zenith is orchestral to its core,” notes Wiedmann, “and the only way to do it justice was to have it played by a 40-piece orchestra.”


“As co-founder of ICON, Frederik was the perfect choice to launch our Artists Series,” said Icon General Manager and co-founder Joel Goodman. “The series exemplifies ICON’s commitment to creating epic music of the highest quality and artistic merit that is also highly adaptable to the needs of editors, producers and other media professionals.”

Icon Trailer Music is available for licensing from Universal Production Music in the United States.