MSNBC pays tribute to veteran staffers as it marks its birthday: Plus a look back at the network’s many looks

MSNBC is marking its 25th birthday with a special bug and tribute to its employees.

Starting with “Way Too Early” on July 15, 2021, the network added a “25 Years” elements to its rotating bug, with the numbers in a circle.

During select times, a crawl pops up declaring “MSNBC turns 25 today!” 

It continues: “As MSNBC celebrates our 25th anniversary, we express thanks to all of our employees and special appreciation for the following employees for 25 years of dedicated and continuous service,” before listing the names of staffers who have spent a quarter of a century with the network.

Those who have been working at the network that entire time have seen quite a bit over the years: 

  • The launch from the yet to be completed MSNBC newsroom in Secaucus, New Jersey.
  • Countless changes and updates to the Secaucus newsroom and studios over the years.
  • The move to New York City in 2007.
  • A shift away from dayside hours with distinct branding and looks such as “Morning Line” and “Today in America.”
  • Other programming changes, particularly in the afternoon, including re-running portions of “Today” and a female focused “Home Page” block.
  • An increase in progressive personality driven programming, particularly in the early evening and evening hours.
  • Multiple branding changes: “It’s time to get connected,” “America’s NewsChannel,” “The place for politics,” among others.
  • Website redesigns, including have become the online home of NBC News, before splitting the sites later.
  • Countless iterations of graphics, including a time when most shows had their own distinct look.
  • The “MSNBC” name surviving reported discussions of changing the name of the network to something better centered around NBC News.
  • A new approach to branding “MSNBC Live” hours as “MSNBC Reports.” 
  • Five distinct logos in 25 years — though one thing remained constant.
  • Looking to the future: A new version of Studio 3A expected this fall for many MSNBC shows to call home.

Below is a roundup of video clips, of varying quality and length, looking back at some of the many looks and personalities of MSNBC.