ABC updates Apple app store logo

ABC has updated its iOS app to reflect its new logo design as it readies for the debut of the fall 2021 TV season.

As NewscastStudio was first to report in May 2021, the network began distributing plans to debut a reworked version of its logo, often referred to as the “globe” or “dot.” 

The changes include eliminating the glossy highlights while also refining and thickening the lettering for better visibility at smaller sizes.

ABC and ABC News has been updating the logo in show opens and promos throughout the summer. 

The logo has been switched from its black and white color scheme (sometimes with a slight color accent) to a distinctive shade of red against black. This is somewhat of an interesting choice because conventional design wisdom generally says red against black isn’t ideal because it doesn’t have enough contrast and can “vibrate” when viewed by some people.

As of publication, the ABC app in the Google Play store has not been updated with the new logo; nor has the ABC News apps on either platform.