Jimmy Carr pokes fun at ‘Good Morning Britain’ theme music

Comedian Jimmy Car visited “Good Morning Britain” on Wednesday, Oct. 6, with a bit of unprompted chaos.

After a return from a commercial break, Carr joked the theme music was “weird.”

“We’re being heckled by Jimmy Carr. He says the music is weird on this show,” said Alastair Campbell, who presents the show with Susanna Reid.

“It just seems very jolly and kinda 80s,” added Carr as Erron Gordon, the show’s director, cycled through various versions of the music.

“It feels like a pastiche of proper news. It feels like a Eurovision hit,” said Carr.


The show’s theme music was composed by Sitting Duck Music and has been updated fairly regularly as the show has tweaked graphics and presentation.

Carr also decided to try his hand at weather while on set, with Laura Tobin having to help him understand how to use the weather clicker and prompter in real-time.

“Hi, I’m Jimmy. I’m doing the weather. I’m pretty thrilled with this to be honest with you!”

“There’s a lot of rain in London. It might be global warming. I don’t know…”

“Alright, I’m trying to click!” Carr joked. “The wind doesn’t look like that. There aren’t lines in it. So doesn’t really tell you anything. There’s some water. The blue represents water. So the sea will be very wet.”