‘Today with Hoda and Jenna’ welcome 2022 with some on air updates

NBC’sToday with Hoda and Jenna” appears to have completed a round of set, graphics and audio updates that started in 2021.

The show kicked off 2022 Jan. 3, 2022 with several noticeable updates: A new open, update to the desk and new video wall background.

Starting that day, the show dropped the recorded announce by Les Marshak in its open, instead co-anchor Jenna Bush Hager reads out much of the same information — including the reference to Studio 1A and Rockefeller Center.

The new open audio is combined with the day’s teases read by either her, Hoda Kotb or another host (in the event of a fill in), a format that was introduced in 2021 instead of having a fan video run before the open.

The “from NBC News” line has been removed from the updated audio portion, though the news division’s logo still appears on screen. Kotb and Hager’s last names are also no longer read out loud, but do appear on screen as well.

The new open is similar to how Al Roker became the de facto announcer of “Today Third Hour” in 2019.

It appears that the same audio clip of Hager is used each day, tacked on to the audio of whoever is reading the teases that day, which are typically pre-produced.


The angled opening graphics largely remain the same, with some updates to remove the “Right Now” script lettering that was added in 2021 and changes to accomodate new talent shots.

Hager’s audio does end with “It all starts right now…”

In addition to the open, the show also is using a modified version of the desk with a “twisted” base. The top of the desk has been refinished to have a glossy white finish similar to the new surrounds added to the space in 2021.

Portions of the desk have been resurfaced in glossy white to match the updates made to Studio 1A in 2021. There’s also now a color changing ring in the desk now, which is typically set to pink.

The show’s logo is now also installed on the front of the desk in pink, making it stand out more than the previous iteration.

The co-anchors are also now shown entering Studio 1A from behind the “Today” sunrise sculpture, walking over to the desk as a popular music song plays in the background.

An example of the old video wall background, this one shown with a holiday motif, and the old desk.

Another update is behind the anchor desk — instead of the simulated “virtual set extensions” of windows and shelving with decorative items, the pair now sits in front of a seasonal background with a simulated glass panel in the middle that’s used to frame the show’s logo.

This same panel is also used to showcase topical graphics during the “host chat” opening segment. 

“Hoda and Jenna” typically originates from in front of the 40-foot curved video wall on the first level, but some productions also originate from the satellite production area on the second floor and its smaller, L-shaped video wall installation.

In this shot from a spring 2019 edition of ‘Today Third Hour,’ the video wall background shows a vibrant view of blooming trees and the NYC skyline.

This new background ties into the “Third Hour” look a bit better — that hour has used a seasonal look with an oversized semi-transparent version of the sunrise over it.