Ohio station emphasizes heading out safely in weather promo

WBNS, CBS affiliate in Columbus, Ohio, is using a simple approach to promoting its weather app and forecasts as a way to get where viewers are going safely.

The spot centers around three different “lay flat” style scenes shot from directly above that all feature a mobile phone in the center.

One scene appears to be a stone kitchen counter with the clutter that comes along with kids — sticky note reminders, a lunchbox and, of course, a pink stuffed animal. 

The next scene features a more rustic wood toned surface more typical of someone getting ready to head outdoors with cold weather gear visible, while the final scene, which uses a black textured surface, appears to showcase what it might look like for a firefighter to get ready to head out — complete with a jacket, radio and heavy duty flashlight. 

Each scene includes at least one set of keys and portable beverage while three different arms and hands interact with the phone, which showcases various parts of the 10TV app. 

Meanwhile, the only audio is a somewhat muted sound of a TV weather report, which is included in such a way that it sounds more like nat sound that’s being played in the background of each “scene” rather than an actual narration or voiceover.

“When you need to be there … get there safely,” reads animated on screen text before the station’s Doppler 10 logo and “Central Ohio’s weather leader” tagline appears on screen.