KMOV goes behind the slogan in news promo

KMOV, the CBS affiliate in St. Louis, Missouri, is airing a promo that aims to explain to viewers the meaning behind one of its slogans.

The station has used the tagline “Watching Out For You” (and the variation “Always Watching Out For You”) to varying degrees over the years.

It’s currently featured prominently both on screen and read by the announcer in the station’s newscast opens — as well on the newsroom’s social media profiles. 

The promo, meanwhile, features a variety of station talent appearing on screen against a white background accompanied by blue and white graphics that also include views of the city.

The campaign was led by Danielle Ray, KMOV’s new creative services and marketing director, and her team in collaboration with Gray Television’s Phoenix Creative Group.

As the talent appears and speaks, various matching keywords, including “energy,” “justice,” “commitment,” “possible,” “focus” and “empowered” appear on the screen.

“If you’re ready for whatever tomorrow may bring,” says primary co-anchor Samantha Jones before fellow anchor Cory Stark says “News 4 … yeah, we’re watching out for you.”

The spot also incorporates dynamic, rectangular wipes and transitions, black and white and blue monochrome imagery and animated typography.


The tagline notably has the word “for” in it, which, when read out loud, sounds just like the number “4.”

KMOV takes advantage of these homophones in its “4Warn” weather branding.