Local CBS streaming networks promo adopts network brand look

Select CBS owned stations are running a promo that showcases their new local streaming branding.

In the example from KPIX in San Fransisco, which has popped up on other CBS owned stations with slight modifications, the “deconstructed eye” look is used heavily in shades of bright blue and whites. 

The promo features the now familiar animations that incorporate circles, rings and other parts of the famous CBS eye logo as well as hashmark accents along with rows of dots with a circle that moves side to side, pausing around one of the dots.

There’s also plentiful use of oversized CBS eye shapes in the background, an approach that’s become familiar across the CBS family.

Meanwhile, the promos also include, in the case of KPIX, the station’s call letters spelled out with a city skyline peeking through (the station brands as “KPIX 5”) as well as footage of users seemingly exploring the stations’ mobile offerings on smart devices (the screen images are most likely simulated).

The spots end by promoting both the CBS News app and Pluto TV, an internet television service ViacomCBS owns along with the updated “CBS News (City or Region Name)” branding and logotype set in TT Norms, the company wide typeface.

Earlier in 2022, CBS News rebranded its CBSN news streaming service and multiple regional networks under the name “CBS News,” though it is sometimes referred to as “CBS News Streaming Network” to differentiate it from the network’s news division as a whole.


Changes included a new studio in the former “CBS This Morning” space at the CBS Broadcast Center in New York and expanded programming, including national newscasts that will be anchored from select owned stations across the country as well as NYC.

At the same time, the national feed of CBS News got a graphics overhaul that uses the same deconstructed eye look that the network started rolling  out in 2020.