CNN+ icon appears in network’s website navigation

CNN has started including the logo for its forthcoming streaming service, CNN+, in its website navigation.

According to cached versions of the site, the icon was not on the site for most of the day Feb. 17, 2022, so it appears it was added sometime overnight or earlier Feb. 18, 2022, though it may have varied based on region.

The icon, which is about 40 by 40 pixels, puts the entire CNN+ logo inside a red box, a common design element used across the network, including for the primary CNN logo on the far right the black bar.

Both logos are also visible on the responsive smaller screen version of the site used primarily by mobile devices.

It is visible on some of the sub brands as well that operate within the main site, such as CNN Business. However, it is now shown on CNN Style, which uses a simplified navigation bar.

Clicking the icon takes users to a page of the subdomain that previews the service and lets users sign up for email updates. This page has been online for some time now.


CNN also appears to have secured the domain and redirects it to the same location.

The icon is notably near the “live TV” link that has been part of the design for several years, which allows users to access a live stream of CNN after authenticating with a pay TV service, currently offered under the name CNNgo. CNNgo is expected to become part of CNN+ and no longer be its own distinct brand, though the network may continue to use its “Go there” tagline.

The network has not announced a launch date, pricing or schedule for its streaming service beyond saying it’s coming in the spring of 2022.

The network has been announcing shows over multiple releases over the past weeks and is always quick to label the service as “highly anticipated.”

Launching CNN+ was a key priority for now former CNN Worldwide exec Jeff Zucker, who resigned in early February 2022 after it was revealed he had a consensual relationship with a marketing executive at the network but allegedly failed to disclose it as per company policy. That executive, Allison Gollust, stepped down as well later in the month.

Though much of the prep work and surrounding marketing is likely done, the departures still come at a key time for the network as it faces declining linear ratings and prepares to bet big that people will be willing to pay an as yet undetermined price for streaming content from the brand.

CNN+ will not offer a live stream of the network feed to standalone streaming subscribers due to agreements with pay TV providers that limit this type of offering, though customers of these types of services are expected to still be able to log in and watch a stream of the network.