Explore the gear used for the Broadcast Exchange podcast

The Broadcast Exchange, NewscastStudio’s video podcast series, is back with interviews from those shaping the world of broadcast production and storytelling. 

This season features upgraded production tools from brands including Sony, Sennheiser and Litepanels, which are included in the Broadcast Exchange studio.

From roundtables on the changing world of media production to deep dives into projects from around the globe, the Broadcast Exchange has a packed season of content ahead.

You can listen to episodes of the Broadcast Exchange on our website, Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google or wherever you get your podcasts.

Here is the gear we use to record the Broadcast Exchange:

  • A Litepanels Gemini 1 x 1 Soft LED panel, equipped with a snapgrid eggcrate, provides the key light with a second Gemini 1×1 for fill.
  • Smaller, RGBWW mini LED panels with barn doors provide lighting for the background and hair light.
  • Sony’s FX3 full-frame cinema camera provides the main video feed, ingested via a Blackmagic Design ATEM Mini Live Switcher. This camera, with a full cage and either a Sony 50mm 1.4 or 85mm 1.8 lens sits atop a Sachtler Flowtech tripod with an attached prompter.
  • Audio is handled by a Sennheiser MKH 416 shotgun microphone via a Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 USB audio interface. Audio monitoring comes via Sennheiser IE 100 PRO IEM headphones. A Sennheiser MKE 600 will be used in future videos for field recording. 
  • Other equipment in the podcast studio includes Atomos Ninja V monitors and a variety of light stands from Manfrotto.

And the software to produce and deliver it:

  • The Broadcast Exchange is recorded via Riverside.fm, a remote production platform that allows high-resolution capture of video and audio for remote guests with a streamlined post-production workflow, and distributed via Buzzsprout, a popular podcast hosting platform.
  • Descript, which makes video editing as easy as a Word Doc, is used to edit the video and audio versions.

While some of this gear may be a bit overkill for a podcast, we feel it’s important to use tools that reflect our industry and bring a higher level of production to our original video content.

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