Amazon Fire TV adds LiveNow, Fox Soul and Fox Weather

Fox has added its free streaming channels to Amazon Fire TV.

The company reached a deal with Amazon for the service to carry LiveNow from Fox and Fox Soul along with Fox Weather, which was already slated to be available on the platform. 

Fox will also contribute content to the Amazon Fire News app, an aggregator that culls content from multiple sources from major players in the media industry.

LiveNow is Fox’s streaming news service that offers continuing coverage of live events, breaking news and stories from across the country with “no opinion and limited commentary,” according to its website.

It’s already available on, the Fox Now app, Roku, Samsung and Vizio smart TVs, Tubi, Xumo, YouTube and YouTube TV.

Fox Soul is a streaming service targeted at African American viewers. It features a more traditional linear schedule and is also available on a similar lineup of streaming platforms and devices.

Fox Weather is a 24 hour weather network. It too airs on a variety of streaming services and devices as well as over the air as a digital subchannel on select Fox stations. 

It features live, hosted coverage during much of the morning, daytime and evening hours, but mostly runs a non-hosted loop of animations featuring weather conditions and information in the overnight hours under the name “Night Light” unless there is severe weather.


Amazon Fire TV will also start including on demand short form content from Fox’s cable channels and streamers, local stations and other sources from within the corporate family. 

All three of the channels on Fire TV are available for free but supported with advertising. On demand content is also free, but subject to advertising insertions as well.