Asharq News blends studio, virtual elements to explain weapons of war waging in Ukraine

Asharq News aired two augmented reality virtual window explainer segments about key issues in the Ukraine-Russia conflict.

The first one takes a broad look at the military equipment being used between the two countries, while the second focuses on thermobaric weapons or “vacuum bombs” that Russia is allegedly using against Ukraine.

Both segments incorporate elements of Asharq News’ studio set, which is already packed with video wall technology. In the segments, a portion of one of the curved video wall installations is used as the canvas for the background behind the various 3D objects created in Maya for the segment.

The network uses Vizrt to power the virtual storytelling with Stype camera tracking leveraged to control the elements’ positioning.


Asharq is a frequent user of extended reality elements in its reporting and also produces an entire show using a virtual set.