‘GMA3’ moves back into its old space with on-set graphics that better match parent show

GMA3: What You Need to Know” moved back into the second-floor space the broadcast shares with its parent show in Times Square.

ABC News unveiled a completely redesigned and upgraded upper level of its Times Square studio facility March 28, 2022, but “GMA3” remained on the first floor until April 4, 2022.

It had moved downstairs March 14, 2022, as crews began work on the upstairs space, which made it unsuitable for broadcasting for a few weeks.

However, the show returned to the second floor April 4, using the three-segment video wall alcove as its home base. The show continued to use the large curved anchor desk it had been using prior to the renovation.

The old home base for ‘GMA3: What You Need to Know.’

Previously the desk was typically positioned in front of the video wall installed in the corner corner of the space, which now features an updated LED array.

In addition, “GMA3” started using on-set graphics that are more aligned with the look its parent show uses, namely the outline collages of the show’s “GMA” initialism, though with the “3,” quite appropriately, added to the mix.


The designs also gains more ring-shaped elements in blue and orange, whereas “GMA” proper uses more circular and wedge-like shapes. Other iterations of the “GMA3” look include a sunny sky and clouds. Other looks, especially portrait orientation ones, move the “3” more in focus.

On Tuesday, April 5, 2022, the second day on the new set, the show also began incorporating what appear to be live feeds of Times Square on the west and northeast LED panels with the branded graphic serving as a sort of knee wall behind the anchors.

Other segments originated from the south video wall area. Also incorporated into the look were different and more distinctive chairs for when anchors moved to more informal setups with the desk.

“GMA3” notably did not switch over to the new lower third insert graphics “GMA” uses, instead sticking with the ABC News Live-style ones. There have also not been updates to the open or bump graphics.