NewsNation invites you to ‘come back to the news’

NewsNation has released a new set of promos around the theme of “come back to the news.”

The spots feature the network’s roster of hosts interspersed with clips from its broadcasts and field reporting.

The first one focuses on cutting through the “noise” and strikes to drive home that NewsNation is offering its continued messaging of straightforward, unbiased news, despite the fact the promo prominently features former Fox personality Leland Vittert, who hosts one of the network’s more right-leaning analysis driven shows. 

As if to drive home the message of American values, Vittert even reads a line about how “your freedom really matters.” 

Dan Abrams and Ashleigh Banfield also appear, two hosts who also use formats more in line with traditional cable news fare and less focused on delivering straightforward headlines by venturing into opinion and analysis, with Banfield being more center and left of center.

The second spot in the campaign bolding proclaims that viewers have been “dismissed.” 

“Cable news networks have decided they only want to appeal to the extremes,” says Abrams, explaining what that dismissal is all about.


“At NewsNation, we are here to bring you back,” says Marni Hughes, the only remaining primary anchor from the original batch hired.

Both promos start against black backgrounds with gold accents before switching to show talent standing in front of giant blue panels with branding and keywords shown on them. 

The “Come back to the news” tagline and some of the broader messages in the promos do make fair points about the landscape of cable TV today, but the network, like all the others others, faces the challenge of balancing hard news with shows that incorporate perspectives and viewpoints that viewers want to watch.

The promos also make use of the network’s overall tagline “News for all America” launched in July 2021 and feature a custom score for the promos from Stephen Arnold Music.

The promos were created by NewsNation’s marketing team led by Jonathan Killian with Dan Brown, Ryan Johnson and Siena Esposito. Creative agency Jet Lag Behave and Mocean worked with NewsNation on the promos.