ABC’s ’20/20′ special explores 24 months of pandemic with violet look

ABC News marked the two year anniversary of COVID-19 lockdowns with a special appropriately titled “24 Months That Changed the World,” hosted by “Good Morning America” anchor Robin Roberts.

The special was billed as a special edition of “20/20” and featured multiple ABC correspondents as well as its own unique look.

Roberts taped opens and outros in Studio TV3, the complex at ABC News’ headquarters that serves as home for multiple ABC and ABC News Live programs.

The studio’s plethora of LED video walls, columns and ribbons has allowed the network to instantly redress the set for not only the multiple shows that use the space but also special events, including the Mars landing to a pandemic special.

“24 Months” didn’t get quite as elaborate, however, with Roberts’ segments taped in the corner of the studio outfitted with a spiral staircase and purple-hued graphics fed to the LED in the immediate vicinity, including the door-like movable array that occupies the space to the right of the stairs.

This section of LED appeared mainly in wide shots and featured a collage of photos faded into a purple background and three “20/20” logos, while the full “24 Months” logo was shown on the LED column camera left, with the camera eventually zooming in to frame her against just this logo.

Additional LED was filled with purple-tinted cityscapes.

The special featured a dramatic extended open narrated with a deep register voice.


Although violet was the primary color, the special’s logo also included five other colors arranged along the base of the extended arm of the “4” that also served to house the words “That Changed.”

Fullscreen graphics used the purple collage theme with a vibrant gradient border.

The show also used timeline-style graphics to walk viewers through a retrospective of the events of the past 24 months.

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