San Diego image campaign blends bold typography with local imagery, custom song

KFMB, the Tegna-owned CBS affiliate in San Diego, California, has begun airing an image campaign that combines bright videography,  typography and elements from its group graphics package along with a custom song.

“This is Our SD” was developed by Blue Barn Creative and the station to channel the vibrant lifestyle in the community and is full of ocean, outdoor and local references.

The full version of the promo starts with oceanside-themed imagery with bold on-screen references to “sun,” “sky” and “sea” as well as the “endless and free” spirit that brings to the region.

A series of coffee shop clips drive home the idea of “dreamers” and “community,” including showcasing the former inside of a frame element inspired by the Tegna group graphics package. 

The promo continues with a mix of scenic and talent shots set against a custom song from Stephen Arnold Music and the repeating lyrics “hey” and “yeah” are shown in oversized typography onscreen composited behind anchors and local landmarks.

Other versions of “hey yeah” are also shown in a diagonal crosshatch pattern, another element found in the graphics package — and a version of words “This is Our SD” is shown inside a thicker rectangle with hyphens on either end of “This is,” also borrowing a stylistic element from the station’s graphics.


There’s a final closing shot of the station’s primary talent in the Embarcadero Marina Park that provides a view of the Marriott Marquis San Diego Marina complex, Manchester Grand Hyatt San Diego and Harbor Club’s two towers along with, in the foreground, the marina itself.

“This is Our SD” is based on the campaign “Our KC” that was created in 2019 for WDAF’s 70th anniversary. That image campaign, used by Nexstar’s Fox affiliate in Kansas City, used custom music from Stephen Arnold as well.