Intelligent content is the future and you can learn all about it at NAB 2022

By Surabhi Pandey

At this year’s NAB Show, broadcasters and content creators have a chance to learn more about intelligent content and its scope in the coming future. They have the opportunity to delve deep into the latest technologies, such as AI, machine learning, data analytics, and tech solutions like automation and personalization that enable customized, immersive, intelligent content.

But, what is intelligent content?

In their book “Intelligent Content: A Primer,” authors Ann Rockley, Charles Cooper, and Scott Abel describe the main components of intelligent content as discoverable, reconfigurable, and adaptable.

Intelligent content relies heavily on technology in that it learns to customize and adapt itself based on device, consumer preferences, and more.

The 2022 NAB Show is the perfect place for people who want to automate production, harness data to enrich user experiences, and engage new business models to drive reach. From pitch challenges to sessions with industry leaders and roundtable discussions to a wide range of exhibitions, the show has a new focus this year on intelligent content for broadcasters.

Here are a few sessions to consider with a keen focus on intelligent content:

A session dedicated to media in the metaverse with AI

Metaverse — digital environments powered by the blockchain on Web3 and virtual reality — is set to bring radical changes to online content and disrupt it in many ways heralding a new era in content creation.


As such, NAB 2022 brings the ‘Activate your Media in the Metaverse with AI’ – an educational session for those keen on learning more about the metaverse and how content is set to evolve in this new era plus the role of technologies like artificial intelligence moving forward. The session is happening on Sunday, April 24th between 4:15 pm and 4:45 pm in the W3122 – Intelligent Content Experiential Zone.

Helmed by Ryan Steelberg, the Vice President of Veritone who brings almost 25 years of executive management experience in technology, marketing, business development, and sales, this session answers key questions like what are the practical business applications of the metaverse today for those in media & entertainment and how can industry players leverage AI to extend the brand strategy to the metaverse.

Learn more about ‘Activate your Media in the Metaverse with AI’ here.

Unboxing Intelligent Content in the context of connecting with audiences

Today, there are increasingly multiple outlets for content delivery, and leveraging content to locate, reach out to and engage with audiences in this dynamic landscape is becoming challenging. Broadcasters, marketers, and content creators cannot shy away from relying on data and algorithms to understand viewers better and offer more personalized content accordingly. But how to do without the know-how?

Speakers Badhrinath Krishnamoorthy, Vice President & Markets Head at Cognizant, and Katherine Lenhart, VP, Sales at AnyClip answer these questions in a 30-minute Intelligent Conversation session titled ‘What Does Intelligent Content Mean for Connecting With Your Audience?’

The session is happening on Monday, April 25th between 1:45 pm and 2:15 pm at W3122 – Intelligent Content Experiential Zone where the speakers address questions like:

  • Is broadcast TV dead?
  • How can we use Intelligent Content to target our viewers and campaign for their time?
  • What are the new methods of delivery (including streaming, channels, online and in-game, etc.) that are being created using smart technology?
  • How do we rethink the ways in which we reach audiences?

The session will be followed by a guided networking discussion affording opportunities to connect with peers and exchange relevant insights.

Learn more here.

Winning the race with personalization

Some fourteen years ago, Guardian journalist Jemina Kiss wrote, “If web 2.0 could be summarized as interaction, web 3.0 must be about recommendation and personalization.”

Today, as we approach the digital decade and are set to enter Web 3.0, this statement couldn’t be more apt. As the world gears up to move past the ”content is king” era and make strides towards “personalized content is king”, intelligent content is set to rule the coming decade and beyond.

Learn about standing out in the competition with personalized content and winning viewers in an intelligent conversation titled ‘The Race for Viewers is on: How to Win with Personalization’.


Helmed by Tiran Dagan, Chief Digital Officer and Head of Industry Solutions for Communications, Media, and Technology at Cognizant, this session is for those seeking to learn more about personalized content and how to leverage it to gain more viewers. Happening on Tuesday, 26th April at 1 pm, this 30-minute session will explore how to use hyper-personalized recommendations leveraging data, AI & engineering across the content value chain.

Learn more here.

Create and pitch your own metaverse content and win at the 2022 NAB Show

Networking is at the core of any business looking for growth and scalability, and this is even more pertinent now. In a world forced into isolation for a good three years over global health pandemics and wars, networking has become a challenge for all sectors.

To help the media and entertainment industry come together and network like never before, the NAB show has come up with a unique concept called NABIQ. This networking session enables industry players to conceptualize metaverse content pitches to secure funding from willing VCs and investors.

This 90-minute facilitated challenge, forces industry experts and players to ask themselves the one golden question: what content would you create if you had unlimited funding. In NABIQ, each workshop will accommodate up to five teams of six participants each (paired randomly) who will compete for the winning solution.

Happening between 24 and 27th April, NABIQ encourages creators to ideate, innovate, prototype and pitch. 

The 2022 NAB Show also features a number of other networking opportunities, including peer-to-peer discussions, workshops, floor tours, and more. Find out about the networking opportunities, parties and meet-ups in our guide.