Octopus 11 focuses on visual, functional enhancements

Octopus has released Version 11 of its newsroom software that combines an updated user interface with new functionality.

“It allows for a more user-friendly approach to news production, whether in a rundown-centric, story-centric or a hybrid of the two,” the company said in the announcement of the new version.

Octopus 11 not only features a revamped interface with softer edges and sharper graphics but it adds numerous ways for users to personalize the system in a variety of ways, including customization to match existing or new workflows. 

The new version also introduces dark mode, a common feature request, that many users find easier on the eyes and is also ideally situated for use in dark production control rooms, galleries and other low light workspaces.

Octopus 11 continues the company’s mission of making the user interface familiar and easy to learn — meaning onboarding new users or getting an entire organization up and running on a new install is easier and more efficient. 

The new version continues to build upon Octopus Newsroom’s integrated tools to monitor incoming news content from multiple RSS feeds, email, news agencies and social media and lets users search across all of these sources to locate relevant content and put it into use. 

It’s also able to push content out to web content management systems including WordPress, Joomla, CoreMedia and Frankly, plus publish to social media and create content for linear platforms.

All told, there are 60-plus integrations with other partners, including both media assessment management, playout, graphics, automation and more.


Octopus also focuses on the ability for multiple people in multiple locations to collaborate on content creation, including the ability to attach media assets, clips or graphics to a story and manage deadlines to keep everyone on schedule. Users can also attach notes and comments to content to help 

Octopus 11 also integrates with the company’s multiplatform cloud based planning and collaboration tool KO:R and video gathering platform iReporter.

Octopus is exhibited at the 2022 NAB Show in Las Vegas.