NewsNation promotes its offerings as an alternative ‘choice’ to ‘agenda’

The faces of NewsNation get together to emphasize the network’s unbiased standpoint through a variety of mentions, including that it offers a new “choice” with an “agenda.”

The spot features talent standing in a space that appears to be a darkened studio or with a video background that’s used to drive home key words visually.

The concepts of “choice” and “agenda” are illustrated in a bright yellow shade and glowing elements along with a grungy texture and fought cross-outs and scratches before the looks switch over the network’s more traditional blue look.

As with most promos for the network, the “News for All America” tagline is included.

The promo features Marni Hughes, Dan Abrams, Ashleigh Banfield, Leland Vittert, Nichole Berlie, Adrienne Bankert and Budabeh Shahbazi