Amazon reveals ‘Thursday Night Football’ theme music

Amazon has released the theme music for its forthcoming “Thursday Night Football” NFL package on Prime Video, composed by Pinar Toprak.

The theme, which was recorded with a 70-piece orchestra in Nashville, mixes heavy horns and strings with plenty of snare drum hits and layered synth effects.

The result has a mnemonic that sounds a bit inspired by the current “Monday Night Football” theme from APM Music mixed with a college football fight song, with Toprak noting she closely researched existing NFL themes for the project.

“Our goal was to create a memorable theme that is both current and timeless. We leaned on the big brass and muscular energy of legacy scores, in combination with unique, lyrical moments, to achieve a feeling of heart and soul. I could not be more excited to share this new anthem with the world, and hope it will connect with fans and players alike,” said Toprak.

Toprak is the first female to compose a theme for a major NFL rights holder. Toprak is known for her work on “Captain Marvel” and on the video game “Fortnite” along with a variety of other movie and television projects. 

This is the first new NFL theme in many seasons, with most recent compositions focusing on updates. NBC and ESPN have continued to tweak their respective music regularly along with theme updates for shoulder programming, such as “Sunday NFL Countdown” receiving music from composer Brian Tyler in 2014.

Alan Meyerson mixed the new theme.

The theme will debut on August 25 during Prime Video’s preseason coverage of San Francisco 49ers and the Houston Texans. The regular season for Prime Video will begin on September 15.