Charlotte station explains its ‘connects the dots’ approach to coverage

WCNC, Tenga’s NBC affiliate in Charlotte, North Carolina, is using a “connect the dots” theme to promote its newscasts’ approach of digging deeper into headlines.

One spot features “Wake Up Charlotte” co-anchor Ben Thompson in an interview-style shot explaining the concept. 

“Life can be confusing. News doesn’t have to be,” he says, while sitting in the station’s studio.

“By connecting the dots, we piece together to literally make the news make sense. It’s so important with what we do that we go beyond the headlines and we explain, sort of, the story behind the headlines,” he continues. 

Interspersed with various angles of Thompson are shots of the studio and a circular layout of the words “connect the dots.”

The colorful elements from the Tegna group graphics package is also featured prominently, both thanks to the on-set video wall graphics showcased and overlay and fullscreen graphics, including bold orange ones with the “Wake Up” and station logo and circle emblem with interconnected floating dots in the background — the only on-screen depiction of the what traditionally comes to mind from the phrase “connect the dots.”

“That’s what you can get from ‘connect the dots’ — it’s the ‘why’ of that news you’re hearing about,” Thompson concludes at the end of the promo.