Viral video shows couple’s dances choreographed to NFL theme music

A viral video shared by ESPN from an Instagram account shows a dance duo performing nearly perfectly synchronized dances to short bursts of NFL theme music from partner broadcasters.

The account, “@cost_n_mayor,” is labeled as belonging to Austin and Marideth Telenko, who describe themselves as a dance and choreography duo.

In the clip, originally posted Aug. 16, 2022, they dance routines to Fox, NBC, CBS, ESPN and NFL Network’s NFL theme music.

The performances looks pretty intense from an athletic standpoint ā€” and it’s even more entertaining that they are done with completely stoic, serious faces on both Telenkos.


Much of the choreography picks up on the most prominent elements of the music, while also channel the broad movements from high to low and dramatic to more upbeat portions of the music.

NFL broadcast rights are currnetly divided between Fox, NBC, CBS and ESPN, the latter of which sometimes is simulcast on ABC. Amazon holds streaming rights, and its recently-introduced theme isn’t included in the post (it wasn’t publicly available at the time the clip was filmed).

ESPN’s ABC broadcast recently introduced a new hallmark opener that has a musical cue, though it’s not a full theme.