CBS Sports goes cinematic in new hallmark

CBS Sports introduced a trophy-inspired hallmark ahead of its NFL season kickoff Sept. 11, 2022.

The new animated open, which was developed by CBS Sports and agency Loyalkaspar, has a cinematic look and sound with dramatic music that pairs well with the archival footage of memorable plays and athletic greats. 

Toward the start of the hallmark, clips are shown both fullscreen and split screen with vertical lines of texture added along the bottom of the screen. When two images are shown at once, they appear with the same texture along the bottom but appear to be placed side-by-side on a curved panel or surface. 

As the animation continues, it is revealed this is actually a trio of three wall-like elements inside of 3D space, likely inspired by the curves in the CBS eye logo.

The end of the sequence features a wide view of these walls with a collage of imagery and a depicting of a generic trophy with a sculptural version of the eye on top. The shapes of the base of the trophy appear to be inspired by the deconstructed eye approach the network has been using across most of its properties, including in the “NFL Today” open that aired that same same directly after the hallmark.

The end also features a heavy orchestral rendition of the CBS mnemonic. 

Because the hallmark will run as a sort of bump or vanity card at the top of most CBS Sports broadcasts, there is a wide variety of sports showcased. 

It’s also notable the the look doesn’t exactly match the flatter approach CBS has been using across promos, insert graphics, opens and other elements, including for sports productions. That said, there are other elements of CBS Sports productions that stray a bit from the approach.


Plus, the use of the curved wall-elements and shape of the trophy base still draw some parallels to the look.