Morning newscasts dive right into election day coverage

As polls began opening Nov. 8, 2022, the networks, who were already in election mode, swung aimed to grab bleary-eyed viewers just waking up with what promises to be a day (and likely week) of extensive coverage of the races.

NBC News‘ “Today” switched to using a different cut from its Nonstop Music election theme that it’s used in the past. 

It also had updated open graphics with Capitol-themed imagery and home base was moved from in front of the windows to the studio’s primary video wall using the star-shaped desk. Studio 1A, the show’s home, is doing double duty again this year as NBC’s election headquarters and extra scenery was brought in over the past week, so the show has to work around those additions.

CBS Mornings” does not have a traditional open with an announce, but the set’s video walls have been updated, as they have for several days, with the network’s updated election look, the full extent of which as not been seen but is expected to be used extensively the night of Nov. 8.

The show also recolored its lower third inserts to red, white and blue for election coverage. 

The show’s Studio 1515 in Times Square is also serving as CBS’s election headquarters as it did in 2020. The “Mornings” set was originally built for election night, with a modified version of it brought back when the network rebranded “CBS This Morning” under the new name and moved to Times Square. As reported earlier, CBS has brought in additional anchor desks for election night coverage but those are presumably tucked away behind the scenes.

ABC’s “Good Morning America” started Tuesday with its anchors on set as normal but with election-themed graphics fed to the video walls behind home base and in front of the desk. The oversized “GMA” letters were retained in the background with the addition of Washington, D.C.-centric graphics and star accents.

For the first part of its tease headlines, the network dropped its normal look in favor of the “Your Voice Your Vote” logo that eventually appeared in the lower left of the screen before a flip-style animation switched it to read “Election Day.”


After teasing its election coverage, other stories featured the show’s normal headline look before an animated election wipe was shown before switching to a view of the outside of the network’s Times Square studios with a customized election announce and election-themed graphics shown on the large billboards above the studio.

Like other networks, the show also used a map graphic on one of its video walls to showcase its nationwide presence before a walk and wander floating camera shot swept across the studio, showcasing the three vertical LED panels, to an in-studio correspondent’s standup.

On cable, “CNN This Morning” switched over its temporary studio with an “Election Day in America” look, including a dramatic background of the U.S. Capitol dome and alternate anchor desk that it started using Nov. 7, 2022.

Fox & Friends” opened with its election look and had its hosts move down from their normal mezzanine perch to the main floor of Studio M in New York City.

MSNBC’sMorning Joe” continued to originate from Studio 6A, the former home of “Megyn Kelly Today,” and used a brief Decision 2022 branded open using the network’s dark hanger-like look with simulated billboards and virtual signage added into D.C. landmarks.

Telemundo’s Spanish language “Hoy Día” also opened with coverage of the election using the network’s “Decisión 2022: Batalla por el Poder (Battle for Power)” branding.

Univision’sDespierta America” switched out the large LED video panel visible in the view of the newsroom behind home base with its “Destino 2022” branding. A similar graphic was also shown on the curved video wall adjacent to the anchor desk.