Turkuvaz Media debuts new Premier League set that’s full of angles

Turkuvaz Media Group has launched a new studio set for its coverage of Premier League European football that uses a variety of sharp, angular lines.

The studio is wrapped in geometric walls that feature a variety of triangular shapes in a seemingly random pattern and is equipped with color-changing lighting, including the option to make select angles on the set a different color.

The primary desk is set up in front of one of these walls and flanked by two seamless video walls that seemingly float in front of the pattern.

The sharp angles are carried through to the desk, which has an uneven hexagon-shaped glass top on a curved base and can be shot in the round thanks to camera ports in the walls that appear as black cutouts in the wall pattern.

Above the primary area is a collection of internally lit stars in a slightly-concave shape, a look that has nods to athletic excellence and shapes found on footballs, as well as the set walls.

The highly angular look also can also be seen as having ties to the Premier League’s own branding, which often uses bold, dramatic background elements shaped a bit like lightning bolts. 


The studio also features an additional wide video wall that takes up almost the entire wall opposite the desk area and can be used as a background element when shooting in the round as well as standups and other segments. 

The wall that connects this area to where the desk features another camera port, framed by two color-changing edge elements in addition to a third one off to one side.

Meanwhile, the entire set is framed out with edge-lit header and footer elements, with the ones above and below the wide video wall bumped out a bit to form a tab-like shape that also serves as a sort of abstract frame for the area.