News 12 Westchester moves to new studio

News 12 Networks is continuing to upgrade and shuffle its broadcast facilities and sets with the launch of a new studio for its Westchester channel.

Both News 12 Long Island and News 12 Westchester now operate out of new studios at Altice USA’s corporate building in Bethpage, Long Island. Previously the Westchester operation was in Woodbury, Long Island. That facility has since been demolished as part of a consolidation of facilities.

Back in 2022, Phase I of the project went online, with two similar mini-studios debuting and serving as temporary homes for various news production. The Long Island franchise still uses one of these smaller spaces but is scheduled to move into a larger studio in May 2023.

Meanwhile, News 12 Westchester moved onto its full-sized home with a set from James Yates Production Design

The space maintains the networks’ clean aesthetic and features a small anchor desk in front of a large seamless LED video wall from AV Design Services.


The smaller scale of the desk is still large enough to allow for two seated anchors, but it also can be used by only one — as well as, with the high chairs moved out of the way, a standing presentation venue.

Backlit wall panels are interspersed with solid structural walls finished in metallics and textural white paneling. 

There are also movable video panels in both portrait and landscape orientation with sleek glass surrounds, making the space flexible for a variety of storytelling formats and special programming. 

Camera left of the home base is a small working weather center that includes a curved glass-fronted presentation counter backed with a large OTS panel and additional workstation and wall mounted screens. 

The sets are also designed with a variety of interaction, toss, debrief and other shots and anchors move around the space frequently, presenting different stories from different parts of the studio and incorporating different technology elements, taking full advantage of the relatively small set. 

Next to the weather center is an additional seamless video wall set inside of a metallic silver surrounding framed by internally lit columns and gray headers with an additional monitor wrapping out the space.

All of the set’s scenery was built by Showman Fabricators with New York City Lites contributing lighting design, AV Design Services handling the displays and KMH Integration providing AV integration services.

News 12 Hudson Valley is also sharing the Westchester studio for the time being, though it’s likely to move into one of the mini-studios later on down the road.