‘The View’ gets new desk, redressed sets

ABC’s “The View” debuted some set and graphics updates along with a new desk Sept. 5, 2023.

Overall, the overall theme appears to be warming up the look a bit — including switching to more wood tones, golds and coppers as well as warm shades in on-set graphics.

The color palette is reflected in the new logo, which now uses a copper bar behind the oversized “V” that holds the “The” and “iew.”

Many of the on-set graphics have been warmed up a bit, though there are still hints of cooler shades such as blue. Other updates include new furniture on either side of the set, including the addition of vertical panels with dramatic downlighting. 

The most prominent change is the new wood-toned desk. The show has stuck with its folded leaf design but moved away from the off-white and frosted panels in favor of a warm wood with gold accents. 

In the center of the desk is a gold-toned base that forms a cube-like base.

The show also updated its open to use more gold graphics combined with behind-the-scenes photography and glamour shots of each co-host. Vivid Zero worked with the show on the new opening titles, as it has for the past few seasons. 


Originally there were reports that “The View” would be getting a “new set and desk,” which turned out to be a bit of an overstatement. The core of the set remains the same; it’s largely just been redressed and now uses updated graphics on the video walls. 

The desk is indeed completely new.

ABC is planning to move to a new building at Hudson Square sometime in 2024. As of now, plans include moving the studios for ABC News productions such as “The View” and “ABC World News Tonight” as well as shows such as “Tamron Hall” that use space in the current Upper West Side campus. 

Because of that, it was likely not worth the cost of an entire new set only to have to either move it to Hudson Square or abandon it after just a short stint in use.