CBS News renaming its news streamer again

CBS News has announced it is once again rebranding its free news streamer along with expanding its programming.

The free ad-supported streaming television network is currently known as “CBS News” officially, though it is sometimes referred to as the “CBS News Streaming Network” in order to avoid confusion with the network news division of the same name.

The network will become known as “CBS News 24/7.”

Back in 2022, when CBS announced that it would rename its news streamer to just “CBS News,” part of the idea for it taking on the same name as the news division was to encourage a more seamless experience for consumers across multiple platforms and markets.

Originally launched in 2014, the service was originally known as CBSN, with the “N” on the end meant to stand for “news.”

As part of the latest renaming, the network will also debut a show titled “CBS News 24/7,” designed as the network’s signature newscast. The hourlong newscast will debut in June 2024. 

The network will fill the whip-around newscast with the latest headlines and specifically plans to offer augmented reality and virtual reality elements to enhance its storytelling. 


The network is also expanding its anchored newscast offerings to include an expanded version of the election show “America Decides.” Starting April 22, 2024, the show becomes an hour and will air Monday through Thursday at 5 p.m. eastern.

Primetime with John Dickerson” will be renamed “The Daily Report with John Dickerson.” It will remain at 6 p.m. eastern Monday through Thursday and will grow to 90 minutes later in the spring of 2024.

News summary show “CBS News Roundup” will also launch later in the spring airing at 1 a.m. eastern (1o p.m. Pacific). 

The network is also launching “CBS News Confirmed” program in the summer of 2024. Named after the network’s fact-checking and anti-disinformation unit, the show, which has yet to get a timeslot or runtime, will feature reporting from that team.

Talent decisions were not announced beyond Dickerson continuing to helm his renamed show.

Once all the new shows launch, the network will have double the amount of anchored live programming. 

Along with the new name, the network also released a look at the network’s new logo, which, like most other CBS properties, uses the TT Norms font alongside the CBS eye, so is fairly unremarkable.

The use of “24/7” in the name is clearly designed to convey that the network is “always on.” The term “24/7” (read as “twenty-four-seven”) has been around since at least the early 1980s and is often used to refer to operating or broadcasting hours.

The idea of shifting away from calling the streamer “CBS News” is likely wise to avoid confusion between the division and service, despite the noble idea of trying to create consistent multi-platform branding. 

The rebranding will not affect CBS’s local streaming news services, NewscastStudio confirmed, which switched to the “CBS News (City or region name)” branding when their parent network dropped the “N” from its name in 2022. 

Most CBS-owned stations also brand under the “CBS News (City or region name)” as well, though some use other branding.

CBS News 24/7 will continue the practice of airing marathons of “48 Hours” and “CBS Saturday Morning” on Saturdays and “CBS News Sunday Morning” and “60 Minutes” on Sundays. “CBS Evening News with Norah O’Donnell” will also continue to be carried at 10 p.m. eastern on weeknights.