CBS News 24/7 debuts ‘The Daily Report’ with deep blue world map motif

The freshly rebranded CBS News streamer debuted the also rebranded “The Daily Report” April 22, 2024.

Still anchored by John Dickerson, “The Daily Report with John Dickerson” is essentially a new version of “Primetime with John Dickerson,” which first debuted in April 2022.

As a whole, CBS News 24/7, as the streamer is now known, has retained the general look as it did before switching names; it still uses elements of the “deconstructed eye” look first used back in 2020.

“The Daily Report” specifically migrates more toward that look in some areas but also strays in others.

The broadcast also switched over to a deep blue and gold-ish color palette. 

The CBS eye motif is found in parts of the show’s animated open, which also makes use of the letters in the newscast name as frames that other imagery appears through. Other elements in the open and tease headlines that appear elsewhere on CBS include rings of hashmarks and rows of dots, some of them with thin circles around them.

The open notably does not contain any of the globe visuals found elsewhere in the newscast, instead using imagery of New York City and in-studio shots of Dickerson.


Large text is also used along with gold bars, including Dickerson’s name, which is rather inconveniently covered by the large bug, and phrases such as “Original Reporting” and “Top Stories.”

Its logo is still set in TT Norms, the signature CBS font, and features the word “The” tilted on its side along with an all-lowercase “with.”

The show starts in Studio 47, which was the longtime home of the “CBS Evening News” that was converted to a newsroom in 2018. The space still maintained studio elements and has been used for various broadcasts, including election coverage, “CBS Weekend News” and other productions.

Before “The Daily Report” open, Dickerson is shown standing in the newsroom part of the space captured with sweeping camera moves. 

For the core of the newscast, Dickerson still anchors from Studio 57, the former home of “CBS This Morning” that was renovated in 2022 to become home to many of the network’s streaming newscasts.

“The Daily Report” remains in the same area of the studio as it did when it debuted, but has gotten an updated graphics package featuring deeper, more sophisticated blues with hints of gold. A dotted world map is now the primary background, instead of the blurred colorful light look “Primetime” used.

For Dickerson’s one-shot, the world map occupies about three-fourths of the background, with the remaining portion now a simulated wall panel with horizontal reveal lines and the left side of a white oversized CBS eye. The simulated eye roughly lines up with the element built into the real wall camera right of the anchor desk.

“Primetime” also continues to use “video on video” shots that incorporate both the video walls and columns in the space. 

The show, like others that originate from the space, is mostly produced with robotic cameras, so the “walk and wander” floating camera look isn’t used in these shots.


“The Daily Report” made generous use of in-studio correspondent debriefs during its premiere episode, so a wide two-shot was often used to capture Dickerson and his guest, who sat camera right with a vertical video panel sporting the show logo and a monochromatic New York City skyline image strategically placed between talent.