Promo roundup: Kendis Gibson, WHIO’s 75th, ‘New, now, next,’ ‘details matter’ and NYC reporter

Here’s a look at some news promos created by stations across the country.

WPXI PIX News at 4 and 5 p.m.

The first promo in this roundup comes from WPIX in New York, which is promoting its 4 and 5 p.m. newscasts, which recently got a new co-anchor, former ABC and MSNBC personality Kendis Gibson.

The spot is heavily focused on talent and depicts the on-air team as friendly, approachable and reliable. It uses a mix of aircheck footage and purpose-shot video.

WHIO 75th anniversary

This promo uses the 75-year history of WHIO in Dayton, Ohio, to emphasize the station’s commitment to viewers.

Archival footage is blended with a dark sparkly background. Meanwhile, solid bold on-screen text features lines such as “Protect the legacy,” “A commitment to you” and “This is our promise.”

Present-day anchors are also included in the spot with a distinct lighting style.

‘WISN 12 News This Morning’

This Milwaukee, Wisconsin, ABC affiliate, is promoting its morning news with the tagline “New, now, next” as a way to emphasize how its newscasts help viewers catch up on the news they need to start their day — and get a peek at what the day will bring.

The spot kicks off with a “3…2…1” countdown courtesy of the announcer and then gives viewers behind-the-scenes looks at the station’s studio, newsroom and control room, as well as its morning team at work and directly addressing the camera.


KABC ‘ABC 7 Eyewitness News at 6 p.m.’

This promo is a sort of mix of hard-hitting but friendly style. 

It starts with co-anchor Ellen Leyva, who appears to be writing on an invisible white board — spelling out the phrase “The details matter.” 

That is the jumping off point for much of the rest of the spot, which is centered around the idea that the station’s 6 p.m. newscast is trusted and, therefore, highly-rated.

The promo also includes shots of talent working with other members of the news team.

WABC Joelle Garguilo

This promo from ABC’s flagship in New York is centered around lifestyle and entertainment reporter Joelle Garguilo.

Garguilo is depicted in various spots throughout the city, including inside an iconic yellow taxi. These shots are interspersed with shots of Garguilo’s work, including at prominent awards shows.

The promo notably uses the “bento box” style look from the ABC Owned Television Stations group graphics package to create collage-like screens of Garguilo and various New York City and entertainment-themed imagery.

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