Eurosport prepares for Paris 2024 Olympic coverage

By NewscastStudio

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Eurosport, the European home of the Olympics, is gearing up for an expansive and immersive coverage of the Paris 2024 Olympic Games. This will be the first Olympics held in Europe in 12 years, and Eurosport, now part of Warner Bros. Discovery (WBD), promises to bring unparalleled access to fans across 47 markets in 19 languages through its platforms Max and discovery+, and on Eurosport’s TV channels.

The coverage will feature upwards of 3,800 live hours of coverage with a star-studded team of over 100 former Olympians, including 132 medal winners.

Among them are gymnastics champion Fabian Hambüchen from Germany, cycling gold medallist Arnaud Tournant from France, heptathlon champion Carolina Kluft from Sweden, and double Olympic swimming champion Alain Bernard from France. These seasoned athletes will provide expert insight, analysis, and entertainment, drawing from their own Olympic experiences to connect with fans.

Innovations for streaming

Eurosport is introducing new product offerings to enhance the viewing experience on Max and discovery+.

Subscribers will benefit from live and uninterrupted streaming of every event, customizable features, and original content. Key enhancements include multi-feed audio in up to 20 languages, multi-screen capabilities, and in-play discovery features that allow seamless switching between live events. Users can also receive gold medal alerts and navigate directly to key moments with timeline markers.

Eurosport will also broadcast the opening and closing Ceremony in HDR. 

A Parisian experience

Eurosport’s coverage will be anchored from iconic locations around Paris, including a rooftop studio at WBD House. This is set to deliver an immersive experience that captures the vibrant atmosphere of the host city.

“As the Home of the Olympics and powered by the greatest storytelling engine anywhere, Team Eurosport stands unmatched in terms of Olympic expertise and experience. We have assembled an incredible cast of more than 100 of the greatest Olympians from across Europe to deliver top-class insight, analysis, and entertainment across 19 exciting days of competition,” said Scott Young, Group SVP Content, Production and Business Operations at WBD Sports Europe.


“Taking audiences closer to the action and stories, fans will have access to the ultimate and unmissable Olympic companion experience on Max and discovery+. Boosted by new in-app enhancements, customisable features and exciting original content, these platforms will be the only place to enjoy every moment of the Olympics and are set to drive even greater fandom, entertainment and passion while igniting the Olympics like never before.”

Expanding reach and engagement

Eurosport is leveraging its wide range of platforms to maximize reach and engagement. New partnerships with social media platforms like Snapchat will bring behind-the-scenes content to new audiences.

Additionally, WBD is launching a ‘Break Free’ marketing campaign to promote Max throughout the Olympics, celebrating the freedom of streaming and the joy of Paris.

Eurosport aims to build on the success of its record-breaking Tokyo 2020 coverage, where over 175 million people engaged with its content. 

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