B/R Football

Atlanta, Georgia and Los Angeles, California
B/R Live and TNT

Graphics used for Turner’s multi-platform coverage of the 2018 UEFA Champions League and UEFA Europa League.

The graphics serve wrap-around programming include “B/R Football Matchday,” “B/R Football Halftime” and “B/R Football Postmatch,” airing on B/R Live and TNT.

The overall design is based on a theme described as ‘digital graffiti.’ The passionate self-expression of graffiti is expanded into an innovative and team-based visual language in the look from | drive | studio. By combining the concept of graffiti with the modern social media phenomenon of geofilters, these digital tags create a platform for showcasing teams of UEFA.

Along with the graphics, Turner Sports built two sets in Atlanta and Los Angeles.

B/R Live Football coverage

Set Design

B/R Football

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