Charlotte, North Carolina

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Gray Television’s WBTV launched the GrayONE graphics package on September 6, 2023, following others such as WCAX, WCSC, and WABI. 

Developed by the Gray Design Group, a merger of the former Meredith and Gray creative services teams, the GrayONE broadcast design package offers a consistent and adaptable visual style suitable for a wide range of markets, from rural areas to major cities like Phoenix and St. Louis. The package first debuted on stations such as WCAX in Burlington, Vermont, and WCSC in Charleston, South Carolina, and features a contemporary, flat design with sophisticated animations, emphasizing modern aesthetics.

Central to GrayONE’s appeal is its focus on 2D graphics built in Adobe After Effects. This approach allows individual stations the flexibility to tailor the package to their local market’s specific needs while ensuring a unified, cohesive look across the various stations. Additionally, GrayONE is seamlessly integrated with Chyron Prime and Vizrt Viz Trio platforms, enhancing its functionality for graphics playout.

In terms of typography, GrayONE employs Barlow as its primary font, chosen for its legibility and adaptability. Meanwhile, Gotham continues to be used for station logos and weather branding, maintaining a sense of continuity.

The overall concept and design direction of GrayONE were significantly influenced by the unique rebranding of Gray’s Atlanta station, WANF. This rebranding served as a blueprint for the network’s visual strategy, showcasing the potential of a unified yet flexible broadcast design system.