Fox News Studio N and Newsroom

New York City, New York
Fox News

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The Fox News Newsroom opened in January 2018 and is 7,600 square feet.

Jack Morton Worldwide describes the design as a clean, modern workspace where information gathering and processing are the primary focus. The design team created a technological center that enhances the architectural flow of the desk arrangement, in which each team member has constant access and sightlines to news information and media.

The primary scenic feature in the main Newsroom is an overhead “Media Ribbon” that follows the circular layout of the workstations, bisecting the central column. The Ribbon is a visually dynamic piece containing tinted glass, sweeping light boxes, and high-resolution screens strategically placed for working sightlines and access to the news information stream. A complementary feature of the Newsroom is a curved media wall which anchors the center of the Southside and provides an additional focus point for the incoming news information.

To the East side of the Newsroom is the “Glass Box,” also known as Studio N. The Insert Studio is slightly elevated above the newsroom floor for better camera angles. Hosts in the Glass Box can sit at a hydraulic desk which can adjust the height and rotate to fit the occasion.


Fox News