Denver, Colorado
Set Design Broadcast Design International

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Set that debuted in May 2017.

  • 60’ x 42’ studio Design and Development
  • Fabrication, Shipping and Installation
  • Technology: 55” LCD videowall, 3 high x 3 wide (5) 84” vertical monitors (4) 70” vertical monitors 75”, 65” and 42” monitors LED video display, 2.5mm pixel pitch, in desk front
  • Color changing LED RGBA lightboxes and accent lights

When KWGN decided to build out a new studio in their facility they invited BDI to design a set that had a brand-new look and feel, different than anything else in the Denver market. New digital display technology was the answer along with a fresh new Colorado Rockies theme BDI’s goal was to create a set that could change looks from morning to night.

This was accomplished by using iconic scenery shots in the backgrounds that change color with RGB lighting to differentiate the numerous newscast. The accents of wood and stone bring the look and feel of the Rockies into the studio. All of these elements help to balance the featured video sources. These include 5 (85”) vertical LCD displays used to create a panoramic scenic window background behind the anchors.

There is a 3×3 (55”) LCD video wall strategically placed to be used both as a background for sports from the anchor desk and as a transition toss to reporters or Weather Center from the desk. BDI set out to feature a versatile Weather Center that could also double as a Traffic Center in the mornings.

The custom anchor desk with LED display has the option of standing or sitting for the various newscasts. The morning show “Day Break” has a much different feel then any of the other programs and the area can also be used for other interview segments. It was created to have a mountain lodge feel, warm and comfortable. A faux fireplace ties the whole theme together along with props that can be changed seasonally. All of these venues work with fixed cameras and limited floor crews.

The set can change with the flip of a switch. This new environment is distinctly Colorado, versatile and yet very simple at the core.