Vienna, Austria

Challenged to design a broadcast studio that would attract younger audiences to news programming, Veech x Veech created a strong visual identity flexible enough to work across multiple programmes.

With the launch of the news programme ORF1 Magazin and the relaunch of ZIB20 and ZIB24, the Austrian broadcaster ORF began to strategically target young urban audiences.

ORF turned to Veech x Veech to deliver an exciting studio that mirrored this ambition yet was flexible enough to work across various programmes and formats. The team’s response was to create a striking design with a white perimeter wall that glows against the black backdrop of the studio. This wall, featuring integrated media screens framed in black, is wrapped around an elevated news island that can support a variety of programming formats and draws the viewer’s eye to the center of the studio and the presenters.

Colours specific to each programme are overlaid to provide unique on-screen branding for each one, thereby giving the broadcaster a multifunctional space.

This studio was replaced in April 2019 by a new set from Veech x Veech.

Photos courtesy of Herta Hurnaus