Bristol, Connecticut

Debuted on June 20, 2014. Located in Studio X of ESPN’s Digital Center-2, a 194,000-sq. foot, five-studio media facility.

The SportsCenter set is divided by an enormous glass wall separating the 6,200-sq. foot Studio X, which is home to those programs on ESPN and ESPN2, from the 3,500-sq.-foot Studio XA – The Annex – from where SportsCenter on ESPNEWS originates. The center of The Annex features a large glass cube/work station, housing a new “SC Display Unit,” dedicated to overseeing what appears in the set’s 114 video and graphic display monitors.

The nearly 10,000-sq. foot SportsCenter studio is twice the size of the former studio and contains 100 more monitors than the original Digital Center studio which debuted in June 2004.


  • South wall – main desk (Annex Studio in background) flanked by monitors with a 10’x10’ monitor sunken in the floor
  • East wall – can be configured into six separate panel monitors, one big monitor, or any combination in between with a “cat-walk” in front allowing hosts to interact with the content displayed
  • Northeast corner – a 16’ x 10’ monitor wall on rails that can be brought to the center floor monitor to show an L–shaped wall of video
  • North Wall – a multidimensional display wall comprised of 56 monitors powered by ESPN-built software.
  • Northwest corner – a stationary 16’ x 10’ monitor wall
  • West wall – similar embedded riser system to the North wall, adding 8 stationary displays and one large center monitor outfitted as a touchscreen device.
  • SkyDeck – a wire tension grid system allowing operators to walk among the lights, to adjust, reposition or repair fixtures – during a live show if needed.