Chicago, Illinois
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Set design for WGN, Chicago’s Very Own, which debuted on May 17, 2017, during the 4 p.m. newscast. The set is located inside Studio 2 at the WGN broadcast center.

Photos by Dak Dillon for NewscastStudio

WGN, the Tribune powerhouse in Chicago has been broadcasting since 1948. In May, 2017, they unveiled the latest News set, which features literal references to Chicago’s many recognizable architectural details, including the bridges, trusses, limestone block and brick detailing found throughout the city and neighborhoods.

The new set includes a custom 3 to 7 person anchor desk with a large video wall in the background displaying scenic images as well as graphics. The HD video wall is flanked by two large LED video display “windows” for motion graphics. There is also an HD “Big Board” video wall for Sports, Entertainment and Special Reports.

The set features a cozy AM interview and performance area with an LED video background which can display urban scenes or topical graphics.

The Interview set is flanked by a warm yet contemporary loft-like kitchen with mobile cooktop/demonstration table.

There is an additional small Sports desk at the left side with an 84″ touchscreen, as well as desk-front video branding.

The entire set conveys the WGN mind-set (and slogan): “Chicago’s Very Own”.