8 sets that rival Star Wars spaceship bridges

Happy Star Wars Day! In honor of this epic franchise, here’s a look at some of the most high tech news sets out there that come packed with enough enough video walls and LED panels that you can almost imagine them as the bridge of a massive spacecraft.

Fox News’ Studio F

Studio F, which Fox News Channel debuted in November, comes fully equipped with a massive curved video wall that could easily serve as “window” — plus the LED circle in the floor all but begs to be used as a star map or part of a holographic communication or charting system. The video chandelier, which is designed to be used with either level of the studio, caps off the high tech look of this studio, which was designed by Jack Morton PDG.


KRIV, the Fox O&O in Houston, uses a set from Devlin Design Group that combines a curved video wall with dramatically angled integrated video panels, all of which can be shot from the central anchor desk that boasts spacecraft-like built in touchscreens. The set, which debuted in January, also boasts frosted plexi panels and high tech looking printed backlit panels.

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  • Real Deal McNeal

    KRIV’s anchor desk looks like something off the TARDIS. “Hockey Central” looks like a cargo bay.

    • Lynchenstein

      Hockey Central may have been going for a hockey arena look, but I don’t disagree with you.


      if youre going to add these Mike, you should add the set from Ktrk in Houston. Thats more of a spaceship in design than KRIV’s. Plus, you could add the NBA on TNT’s sets…all of them have looked like a spaceship command center for the past decade. And lastly, the newsteam that started all of this are WHDH and WSVN’s ‘Newsplex’ model that inspired all of this tomfoolery in the first place!