‘Daily Show’ delivers hilarious response to ‘Nightly’ fire alarm

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“The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” poked fun at the fire alarm incident on “NBC Nightly News” with an entertaining segment.

In response to Williams’ on air request for forgiveness over the interruption, Stewart had a mouthful for NBC.

“No, I will not forgive you. I do not tune in to the No. 1 national newscast to have my current events interrupted with technical hi-jinks,” Stewart complained.

“You will deliver concise summaries of the day’s events in a slick, digestible yet blandly produced package — much like Lunchables,” he continued.

The segment continued by poking fun at the fact that the “Nightly” audience tends to skew older and the fact that Williams was once a volunteer firefighter.

The segment was eventually interrupted by an alarm sound effect coming from a surprise guest. Have a look.