Blogger: Atlanta station’s promo ‘makes me puke’

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Live Apartment Fire, a blog written by Atlanta reporter Doug Richards, posted a rather lengthy diatribe against self promotion in local news — both TV and newspaper.

Richards cites examples in the Atlanta Journal-Constitution as well as a promo that’s been airing touting ABC affiliate WSB-TV’s coverage of a school shooting (viewable above).

Not only does the promo actually get some of its facts wrong, as Richards points out in the post (scroll down a few paragraphs after the first vintage photo), but it seems, at least Richard’s view, to be  no less than shameless grandstanding.

“But aside from that, here’s WSB’s message:  Hostage-holding, school-invading gunmen love them some channel two action news!  And so should you,” write Richards, who works for the market’s Gannett owned NBC affiliate, WXIA-TV.

Thanks to @brkgnews for the tip.