Colbert skewers ‘Fox News Deck’

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The “Fox News Deck” studio has been the subject of much commentary — especially its use of large screens — and who better to poke fun at the network than Stephen Colbert?

Colbert, whose persona purports to be a huge fan of Shepard Smith’s, poked fun at the Fox News Deck by digging up a clip of Smith using the large screens to demonstrate how to play online game Candy Crush after which Fox News had a psychologist to discuss Candy Crush “addiction” appear “on deck.”

Colbert also, somewhat incredulously, showed a clip of Smith delivering a breaking news segment on the government shutdown using, not a high tech tablet or touchscreen, but just a plain old sheet of paper. (In fairness, Smith seemed a bit out of sorts during the report, so perhaps the paper threw him off?)

“The Colbert Report” segment also pointed out that, during the Candy Crush segment, the Fox News ticker running at the bottom of the screen that was showing segments that probably should have been reported from a studio that was, after all, designed to deliver news.

Not to be outdone, Colbert then introduced his own tech gadget: The Super Newstendo Journo-Cube 3,000. This touchscreen enabled Colbert to reveal is addiction to “Shiny or News?”

By the way, the segment also showed Smith explaining that the network refers to the angled touchscreens news deck staffers sit in front of as “BATs” — which he claimed stands for “Big Area Touchscreens.” Personally, we think it the acronym is really short for “Big Ass Touchscreens.”

H/T Huffington Post