‘New Day’ makes segment out of anchors walking to couch

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Last week Stephen Colbert poked fun at Fox News’ “News Deck” and this week it’s Jon Stewart’s turn to make fun of a cable news net and this time it’s CNN’s turn in the Comedy Central target.

Stewart called out CNN for a segment on the ratings challenged “New Day” called “To the Couch.”

That segment, it turns out, is pretty much exactly what it sounds like — when the anchors get up from the anchor desk and walk over to the couch on the other side of the studio.

That’s right.

What’s essentially a scene change — something that takes place hundreds of times a day at TV stations across the country — is now featured prominently on a morning cable news show.

Oh, and it’s a way for CNN to squeeze in another commercial — the entire segment airs in a split screen that shows a commercial on one half and a smaller image of the happenings in the studio as the anchors get up and go, well, to the couch.

“What the hell just happened? They came back from commercials to a commercial covering what they could have done during the commercial,” said Stewart.


The “Sponsored Couch Walk,” as Stewart coined it, caused him to dole out some advice to CNN bosses: “Don’t make these people do this. They seem like nice people — well, mostly.”

To top it off, Stewart played a clip of anchor Chris Cuomo teasing a story about a woman who lost her legs — and then suggests he and his fellow anchors get up and walk over to the couch.

Yep, that happened.