SEC Network animations highlight history, traditions

The SEC Network will launch with a unique graphics package that reflects “solidarity of the conference and all 21-SEC sponsored sports.”

Mark Groeschner, creative director at ESPN Creative Services, spoke with ESPN Front Row about the process of creating the look, “If we did our job right, every animation will house a handful of ‘easter eggs’ for viewers to identify on repeated viewings. Every school animation starts with a campus landmark, then we have a few sections for historical photos of players, fans, coaches or mascots.”


Each school worked closely with the network to develop authentic and timeless school IDs, including a 15 second “Quad” ID.

All 14 Quad IDs open with an iconic campus image which will then circulate into legendary and current athletic imagery of coaches, players, fans and school tradition. Each ID ends on a virtual SEC Network campus quad that encapsulates the pageantry and passion of the individual school.

Watch each of the schools animations here: