NBC opts for updated election night branding

Having long branded its election coverage under “Decision 2016,” NBC News has opted to change up the moniker for its election night coverage — an odd choice given the similarity between its name and a rival’s.

New promos airing on the network use the “Decision 2016” branding in the graphics, but the actual election night coverage is referred to as “Decision Night in America.”

The decision itself is interesting in that it not only creates a sort of unnecessary inconsistency in the network’s branding — though the word “decision” is still in the name, obviously — but also is oddly similar to competitor CNN’s branding.

CNN has branded its debate coverage as “Debate Night in America” and is also billing its election day coverage as “Election Day in America.”


Meanwhile, NBC Sports uses the branding “Football Night in America” for its Sunday night NFL coverage.

To further muddy the branding confusion, NBC’s cable outlet MSNBC got caught earlier this fall using a CNN “Debate Night in America” graphic on a video wall behind its anchors.