Top Tracks: Production music picks for minimalist storytelling

As we saw in our first Industry Insights roundtable on production music, minimal beats continues to be a growth area for libraries.

In this month’s Top Tracks, we take a look at ambient and minimal tracks perfect for your next long-form documentary or thought provoking story.

“Natural Ritual”

Dramatic and building, this minimal track features an active beat of light percussion and cello, on FirstCom’s “Secrets of Nature” album.

“Seismic Waves”

From VideoHelper’s new and rapidly expanding “Carbon” collection, this track features equal parts synth and magic, with a “cinematic wonderment.” Check it out on the album “Spires: Emotional Movement.”

“Soul Searching”

Slow building, this acoustic guitar track from Warner/Chappell Production Music’s “Quiet Moments – The Space In Between” captures heartfelt emotion with a bit of drama or romance.


“Echoes on Echoes”

On “Reflections,” part of Killer Track’s Volta Music collection, this cue mixes gentle percussion with a delayed piano to create a peaceful, yet suspenseful, track perfect for human drama.

For some other interesting minimal tracks, check out Killer Track’s “Quiet Orchestra” release.

“The Idea”

From Megatrax’s “Lifestyle & Technology Beds” album, this track uses a pulsating beat punctuated with piano and atmospheric bursts to create a futuristic underscore.

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