Al Araby draws on angled logo to create sprawling newsroom set

Taking cues from its dynamic, angular logo, the studio for London-based Al Araby (التلفزيون العربي) lets the broadcaster use the sprawling space’s four distinct areas that are interwoven with the newsroom and control room individually or as one composite set.

Designed by Simon Jago’s Jago Design under the direction of Sandra Fattore, the set for the London-based Arabic language channel is a dynamic and layered space stocked with high-tech features. It also places a special emphasis on the flexibility to accommodate the wide variety of programming produced in the space. 

The studio’s primary area, used for the channel’s flagship newscasts, uses a working control room as its primary background.

This main anchor desk, which can seat up to five, features a solid surface that slants slightly outward and features integrated lighting near the top and bottom.

The anchor desk’s angled form is a reflection of the shapes found in the network’s logo.

In addition to the functioning control room’s video panels, the area also takes advantage of additional LED video walls to display a wide range of topical and branded graphics.