Al Araby draws on angled logo to create sprawling newsroom set

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One of these video walls occupies an entire wall camera right of the anchor desk, while another, slightly curved one is positioned behind the glass windows looking into the control room.

Not only does the curve of this video wall pick up on the shape of the footprint of the studio space that weaves its way through the newsroom work areas, but the glass panels add depth and blur the lines between the clean, open studio space and the working, functional areas of the studio.

Toward the center of the studio is the flexible discussion area with a roundtable-style desk. 

Behind this is the studio’s “emblem” LED wall, constructed from 6 millimeter LED tiles arranged in a distinct angled shape that flows upward from the low knee wall that delineates the work area from studio floor. It is also fronted with LED.

The angled shape of what Jago calls an “iconic set piece” is inspired by the network’s logo and juts upward over 20 feet above the floor.

In addition to serving as background element for discussion-style presentations, the emblem LED wall is also used as a standup element with topical graphics. 


The riser in this area, meanwhile, also serves as a standup area with wide, dynamic shots that incorporate multiple background elements, including the main news anchor’s video walls. 

Area 3 of the studio is another flexible discussion area, though this one is outfitted with a custom, integrated sofa placed in a corner where two video walls meet at an angle. In addition to being used as a backdrop for interview segments, the video wall is also used to “bring in” remote guests to the conversation.

Both discussion areas include segmented, custom-designed furniture that allows for a variety of seating and other presentation options. 

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