Stephen Arnold Music engages local TV audiences with ‘Ready’ campaign

Stephen Arnold Music has launched “Ready” a new image campaign featuring multiple themes for the complete news day.

“Ready” follows other successful SAM image campaigns including “Waking Up My Day” and “Everywhere I Go”, providing a comprehensive toolkit with audio and video for local broadcasters.

With themes for “Morning Ready,” “Weather Ready” and “Always Ready,” the campaign aims to hit local station’s top coverage areas.

“Audiences today interact with their favorite local station in so many ways – via their phone, online, and across multiple social media channels,” said Chad Cook, VP of Creative for Stephen Arnold Music. “The diverse messaging of ‘Ready’ creates a comprehensive connection between stations and their audiences, anytime and anywhere.”

“Ready” includes two original songs with relevant video, with a multitude of mix outs including Full Song/60s/30s/15s/10s/IDs.

More information about the campaign is available on Stephen Arnold Music’s website and as with past promo toolkits a guitar giveaway contest is being held.